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Product Name: Tomy Monster Collection Figure
Release Date: July 2011 - August 31, 2011
Special Notes: These figures were prizes for the Monster Collection Summer
Campaign in 2011, and there were two ways to obtain them. First, if one gathered bar codes from three Monster Collection figures, they could enter the what was called the 'A Course' and be part of a drawing for the three set. There were only 1,000 winners by this method. Alternatively, if one gathered bar codes from five Monster Collection figures, one could enter the 'S Course' and not only win this set, but win three of the Pokemon movies of their choosing. There were only 100 winners by this method, making the total number of sets released 1,100.

  • #644 - Zekrom (Overdrive;Metallic)
  • #494 - Victini (Clear Glitter)
  • #643 - Reshiram (Overdrive;Metallic)

Resource: Pokemon Fan Issue #18